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Client : Whirlpool
Project Type : Identity Design
Project Details:

Project description provided by client:
This logo is for a Whirlpool Corporate Initiative to develop people in Six Sigma. That is, problem solving tools and process improvement. OPEX (Operational Excellence).- Whirlpool's Six Sigma initiative to develop employees from Technology and Manufacturing areas. ccOPEX (Customer Centered Operational Excellence).- Whirlpool's Six Sigma initiative to develop employees from corporate business areas (Marketing, Finance, logistics, Sales, Human Resources). Both initiatives are aimed to develop our personnel to be better problem solvers for complex situations, where intuition is not enough. Both initiatives encourage the use of what we call "Critical Thinking", that is don't jump into conclusions, use data to validate assumptions. Both initiatives include developing people in advanced statistics. We recently combined OPEX and ccOPEX, so we are trying to show a unified approach that will transform the business, with one philosphy, one way of thinking... one logo. We want people to feel that being part of either OPEX and ccOPEX is a simbol of status, to be proud of. At the same time, we want to catch the attention of the young people that still can learn new ways of working so that's why we would like it to have a youthful, cool, trendy flavor, not old fashioned or nerdy.

Project critique by our artists: Whirlpool-Opex Critique This logo was created for a initiative team for Whirlpool named Six Sigma. The shape of the icon behind the name represents both "6" and the "O" shape. It being behind the name is good because it doesn't make the logo to tall if it was on top or to out of place if it was next to the name.
The colors are a good combination, the blue and orange always works well with one another because blue is the opposite color of orange on the color. Any color and their opposite on the color wheel go good together. The blue also ties in to what Whirlpool makes with the cleaning and cooling products being their main products. In marketing blue is usually used for these types of products such as warm colors are used for food for example.
The font, which is Sofachrome Italic, is a good choice when dealing with technical companies. The weight of the logo matches the weight of the central part of the icon which is great for uniformity and the thin line separating the two names has good placement, for if it was side to side it would to be wide of a logo.
Again this logo was made for a division within the the Whirlpool team but the shape of the logo of it being a six shows a subtle way of saying its for the Six Sigma team. The shadow on the bottom of the logo shows depth keeping it from being a flat, bland logo and adding some appeal to it.
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