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Client : Microsoft
Project Type : Identity Design
Project Details:

Mircosoft Games IT department utilized The Logo Loft's services for developing a new identity for this vital department.

Project description provided by client: We are a team that provides Information Technology related services to Microsoft Game Studios. The services include things such as file storage, file transfer, network management, web site hosting, etc. Microsoft Game Studios develops and publishes Xbox and PC game titles. We provide services in the US, UK, and Japan. We're a video game company so it should feel high-tech, industrial, professional type logo.

Project critique by our artists:The target market for this logo made it very clear what direction and style this logo should present. The direction that was taken for this logo is a High Tech, Contemporary and simplistic style. The logo icon itself is an incorporated icon, cleverly using a game controller to replace the M in GAMES since the shape itself closely resembles an M. By using the controller as the M in games, the logo was kept clean, modern, and still very legible to the viewer. As for the color choice, the green found inside of the controller was pulled so that it could separate the "IT" section of the name making GAMES IT read as two separate words, despite having no space in-between. The font choice itself is very modern but still has a little bit of flair throwing back to the late 80's video game scene and tying in a modern high tech look with a little bit of old school gaming. The end result is a very clean, simple, but modern logo that represents the industry and company that it was created for.
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Logo Loft was a wonderful experience. It's a great feeling to see your dreams become a reality.
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