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1.  KHS H3 Watches - used by special forces worldwide
The MK II watch range of KHS Products is an advancement of the legendary military clock “Navigator P6500”, in co-operation with users from official special forces. MK II means “modification two” a term from the advancement for tactical equipment of special forces. Particularly for operations in darkness the lighting of the second hand is very important. KHS MK II watches are world-wide in use from specialists in many fields of activity as reliable instrument in daily operations.

2.  Titanium Jewelry - rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants
Titanium rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and watches. Buy online!

3.  Diamond Gold Rings
Diamond gold rings, wedding rings, diamond wedding bands, engagement rings, gold rings, beautiful jewelry at affordable prices.

4.  H3 watches for professionals
H3 watches for professionals with H3 tritium illumination.

5.  Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Solitaire
Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Studs, Engagement Rings, Diamond Solitaire Rings,Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings are only a small part of the total fine jewelry department at Wedding Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Studs, Diamond Solitaire Rings

6.  KHS H3 Military Watches
KHS H3 Military Watches with H3 Tritium Illumination System. Used by Special Forces around the World.

7.  Nite Sportuhren mit H3 Beleuchtung.
Nite Uhren kombinieren außergewöhnliches Design mit Robustheit und einer ausgezeichneten Ablesbarkeit bei diffusem Licht oder totaler Dunkelheit. Dies garantiert das einzigartige H3 Beleuchtungssystem bekannt auch unter GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources). Für eine Ablesbarkeit bei stockdunkler Nacht und allen Lichtverhältnissen sorgen Tritium-Gaslichtquellen.

8.  neil diamond
neil diamond website.

9.  Pagerankingliste für Uhrenshops
Pagerankingliste für Uhrenshops

10.  We offer you no normal watches. Find your special watch at is a german wholesaler for military, diver and Pilot watches. We also accept non-dealer and deliver world wide.


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